Satisfied costumers - Workstation

Your computer, whether desktop or notebook, whether standalone or in a network needs to function in the way you want it to. A new computer needs to be purchased - Notebook or desktop unit, we will take care to find the right decisions

We can advise you or take care of the appropriate configuration.

  • Shopping Advice (assortment of hardware components as needed)
  • Installation (operating system, Office software or other software)
  • Setting up of Internet connection, e-mail, wireless, mobile phone, etc.
  • Integration into existing network infrastructure
  • Printer installation, network printers, network storage, etc.
  • Extension, hardware upgrades, system expansion
  • Graphics tablet, multi-screen solution, projector device
  • Virus scanner configuration, local security policy
  • Image preparation/ return dubbing, enrollment into a image program
  • Multiple users on a computer with distinguishable union rights
  • Password recovery, Password reset (I have forgotten my password...)


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